We can deliver and install worldwide up to 12,000 m2 in one large piece. Basin foil 0.6mm and 1.0mm, 210gr PP fabric, bottom protection, floating cover like the now well proven floating covers. We supply this with a clear roll-out drawing and installation plan. We process the materials in our own factory, so quality control during production and delivery is always up to the maximum. We can also always act quickly for our customers if necessary. 


15 year warranty

In our factory our certified professionals use the latest welding equipment and we are yearly producing thousands of liners for waterproofing of tanks or silos for water storage and also hundreds of waterproofing membranes for water lagoons.

At this moment there are a few standard materials used for these application like: flexible PVC, FPP and LDPE lining. Most famous problems by using these standard materials are leakage caused by recirculation water or influence of UV light (Sun) or damage due to wind.

After years of research there is developed a new flexible Liner which viewed on the test results is better suited for these applications. The test results show us that this extremely high quality material is better resistance against influence of UV (Sun) light and more resistant to high mechanical stress and more resistant against damage due to wind.

We introduce the revolutionary Lining with 15 years warranty, custom made for all types and brands of tanks or silos. Lining is available in 0.6 mm, 0,75 and 1.0 mm thickness.


PVC foil is often used for waterproofing ponds and water basins. This material is very flexible and therefore very easy to fold in any shape or model pond. The PVC foil is easy to weld and can also be glued with a special glue, in short, if a leak occurs, there is no need for specialists to attend to seal to the hole. Using a repair kit supplied by us, the repair can be personally executed by anyone who is a bit handy. And the price of PVC compares favourably to other materials suitable for ponds.

PVC foil is available in thickness of 0.4 mm up to and inclusive of 1.5 mm. In our factory standard rolls of foil are modeled by specially trained and qualified staff using up to date welding machines into prefabricated small, large and very large covers. We have a very large and modern factory where very large covers are made of 10.000 m2 or larger.

Annually we manufacture thousands of standard PVC foil rolls, welded in the factory to a width of 2 m, 4 m, 6m, 8 m, 10 m and 12 m folded and rolled up to a width of 2 m or 1.15 m. When ordered in sufficient quantity, the client can determine the length of the rolls. The standard colour of pond- or water basin foil is black, but other colours can be produced, when ordered in sufficient quantity by the client.

The expected lifespan of the PVC pond liner with a thickness of 0.5 mm is about 6 to 10 years and for PVC pond liner with a thickness of 1 mm it is about 10 to 20 years. The lifespan can be extended by shielding the liner as much as possible against UV rays.

We also supply and deliver EPDM foil, which is a rubber foil that does not contain plasticizers. This quality is increasingly used in ponds, because it is highly resistant to ozone and UV radiation. Moreover, it is a permanent elastic material and therefore very easy to handle on site because of its suppleness and flexibility. It has a lifespan of no less than 30 years. It needs little maintenance and repairs are easy to execute. It has no resistance to gasoline, toluene, turpentine, oil etc. Furthermore, it is relatively heavy. A thickness of 1 mm is mainly used. We can supply virtually any size prefab in its entirety. It is also possible for our engineers to install the foil. If necessary we can provide: tape, kit, primer etc.