To make a silo watertight, it must be provided with a liner/lining. The liners are packed in high-quality stackable boxes to prevent damage in transit and is in most cases the best material to use as a silo liner. This Polyofine material is very strong in tensile strength and flexibility that makes striking damage a thing of the past.  It has a very high UV resistance and very long life expectancy (+15 years). The liner resistance to fertilizers, chlorine, salts and other aggressive products is very high and is also available with an official drinking water certificate on request. Also available in full food grade, a trend that we are seeing more and more in the food industry. We also supply reinforced PVC, EPDM, LDPE, HDPE in various thicknesses, on request.

PVC siloliners

Rainwater/clean water. A PVC tankliner suitable especially for the storage of drinking water. This foil does not emit any substances to the drinking water in quantities harmful to public health.

PVC drinking water Tankliner consists of the following components:

Siloliners for rain/cleanwater, waste water, water with fertilizers, and water with high or low EC/PH

After years of research a new flexible Liner has been developed which viewed on the test results is better suited for these applications. The test results show us that this extremely high quality material has better resistance against: influence of UV (sun) light, high mechanical stress and damage due to wind. We introduce the revolutionary polyofine lining with 15 years warranty, made for all types and brands of tanks or silos.

This tankliner consists of the following materials/parts:

EPDM siloliners

Are designed for storage of rain/cleanwater, waste water, water with fertilizers, water with high or low EC/PH. This siloliner consists of the following materials/parts:

Pipe transits/outlets

In accordance with the client’s wishes transit pipes and or sealing rings of varying diameters can be fitted into the tankliner or supplied separately. In the latter case assembly kits will be supplied. Should at any time unforeseen damage occur to your tankliner, you can order kits from us so that you may carry out repairs yourself.

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