Steel water tanks and reservoirs for
agriculture, horticulture, industry and aquaculture

High quality steel tanks/silos

We can provide you with  storage tank or basin customized to local requirements and conditions. Our tanks can be used for almost all storage problems. This ensures high quality, easy and fast installation, very competitive prices and clear manuals. They can be supplied with a very high-quality powder coating, which provides extra protection against corrosion by manure, seawater and acids.

Anty-algea cover
Steel roof
Floating cover

Liners for silo's and tanks

To make a silo watertight, it must be provided with a liner / lining. This Polyofine material is very strong in tensile strength and flexibility that makes striking damage a thing of the past. And with a very high resistance to fertilizers, chlorine, salts and other aggressive products. Tankliner suitable especially for storage of drinking water, rain/clar water, waste water, water with fertilizers, water with high and low EC/PH.
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High quality reservoirs - lagoons

We can deliver and install worldwide up to unprecedented large sizes Basin liners up to 12,000 m2 in one large piece. We supply this with a clear roll-out drawing and installation plan. Quality control during production and delivery is always up to the maximum. We can also always act quickly for our customers if necessary.

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Our silos/tanks are ideally suited for storage of slurry and liquid manure. The main components of the silo’s and tanks are coated, galvanized steel panels, the bolts, washers and nuts, the non woven fleece for protection and the tank liner.
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Our water silo is suitable for the following:
For different purposes, we can addapt the steel thickness, coating and lining. Each situation requires different durability’s by knowing the circumstances, weather, temperature and climate.